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Gel Refill incl. Color

Fr. 90.- or
Fr. 125.- Extra Length

To keep your nails beautiful, don't forget to come for a Gel Refill in 3-4 weeks. Remember that your nails are jewels, not tools, but anyhow repairing of broken nails and edges is included in the procedure of Gel Refill. Also after treatment, you have One Week Guarantee, means if something happened at the first week after appointment, feel free to contact me - I will fix it without charges. After one week for Nail Repair will be a charge of Fr. 10.-.

What to expect: removal of an upper gel layer, preparation of nail plates for better adhesion, gel application, the final filing of a nail shape, express removing of calloused skin around nails, gel polish according to your preference, application of cuticle oil and hand cream.

Time: up to 1 hour 30 minutes
up to 2 hours for Extra Length
(when a nail`s free edge length is bigger than a natural nail plate length)

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