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Manicure + Bio Gel

Fr. 75.-

Are your nails thin and fragile and you were dissatisfied with the previous experience using Gel Polish? And you want to have your nails stronger without classical Gel modelling?  - I have an offer especially for you! You can try the procedure of enforcing your natural nails with Bio Gel -

a gel, which protects your natural nails day by day, looks natural and can be soaked off with

Gel Polish remover. As the result, you have beautiful manicure, which can last longer,

even if your natural nails are very sensitive.

What to expect:  removal of an old cover (if needed), giving to nails the desirable form, removing of calloused skin around nails (with cutting or rotary tools depending on a skin type), preparation of nail plates for better adhesion, bio gel application, gel polish according to your preference, application of cuticle oil and hand cream.

Time: up to 1 hour 15 minutes

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