Nail Art

(additional service to Gel Polish procedures)

Make your nails special with Nail Design! According to your taste: 

simple, but elegant or pure art on your toenails!

Fr. 5.-

French with Makeup

Fr. 1,5.- 1 pcs.       Fr. 15.- 10 pcs.
Mirror Powder / Glitter / Stamping / Water Decal

Fr. 0,5.- / 10.- / 15.-
1 pcs. Rhinestone / Jewelry Composition per Nail / Inlay of a whole Nail

Fr. 15.-
Complex Hand Painting per Nail (Faces, Figures, Flowers, Fruits, Ornaments, Mixture of Designs, etc.)

Fr. 5.-
Simple Hand Painting per Nail (Lines, Ombre, Marble Effect, etc.)