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Spa Pedicure
for women and men

Fr. 85.-

Is the skin on your feet dehydrated, roughed or with cracks? If yes - it is time for your skin to receive vital powers and to enjoy your velvet soft feet! Relax and get your Pedicure with Detox Treatments: Paraffin, Deep Moisture or Anti-Age at your discretion.

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What to expect: pedicure bath, removing of calloused skin on feet and toes (with cutting or rotary tools depending on a skin type), giving to nails the desirable form, removing of calloused skin around nails, exfoliation with gentle peeling, application of nutritious mask and feet warming, polishing nails with special polisher till shiny or silk effect, application of cuticle oil and foot care cream, foot massage.

Time: up to 1 hour 30 minutes

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