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Spa Pedicure + Nail Polish

Fr. 95.-

Our feet are really doing great by serving us day to day, let´s take care of them. A lot of women can say that skin on their feet need regeneration and nutrition. The procedure Spa Pedicure + Nail Polish will make your feet tender on a touch and pretty.

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What to expect: removal of an old cover (if needed), pedicure wellness bath, removing of calloused skin on feet and toes (with cutting or rotary tools depending on a skin type), giving to nails the desirable form, removing of calloused skin around nails, exfoliation with gentle peeling, application of nutritious mask and keeping feet in warmth, application of foot care cream, foot massage, dehydration and preparation of the nail plates for better adhesion, polishing nails with special polisher till shiny or silk effect, nail polish according to your preference, application of cuticle oil.

Time: up to 1 hour 45 minutes

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